Unlimited Usage

No data cap and no barring, even if you miss the payment date.

Real IP Address

Your one true home for all your online activities and it’s absolutely FREE with your enterprise package.

Dedicated Speed

End to end fiber optic connectivity for stable and super-fast internet speed in Bangladesh.

24/7 Support

Get help from our skilled tech support team any time of day. Whenever you need us we are here for you.


Network availability at its absolute best. Stay ahead of the game with our powerful redundant network.

Proactive Monitoring

As a buffer to ensure you get the finest, we have innovative tools to continuously monitor your connections.

Guaranteed Uptime

With Droplets dependable redundant network, boost your business to a new heights. We ensure 99% uptime.

Bandwidth on Demand

When you need extra bandwidth, we are always ready with it! You only pay for the extra.

Higher Upload Speed

For intense uploaders, why pay for downloading when you can customize to pay for uploading. We serve both!

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